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Exhibiting Sensor Chips at USA Sensors Expo & Conference 2019

Release Time:2019-06-14 Reading Volume:0

With wholly independent research and development, AOSONG Electronics Co. , LTD. (ASAIR to be referred as the company abbreviation) will present the latest sensor chips, sensor modules and transmitters to the global customers at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, USA.

As a leading high-tech MEMS sensor manufacturer founded in 2003, ASAIR has been keeping a long-term focus on on sensor technology research. We have developed into a whole industry chain with MEMS sensor chip design, chip and wafer production, IC encapsulation testing, terminal application and system solutions to the customers. Humidity and temperature sensor, gas sensor, flow sensor and absolute sensor have been developed successively to meet the prosperous markets including White goods, Internet of things, Automotive, Medical, Agriculture, and etc.

Wafers to be presented

ASAIR owns the mature technology and high-efficiency service to help more and more customers to achieve products demand based on the reasonable price and high-quality research and development experts and after- sales service.
There will be an engrossing visual feast from various reliable products including humidity chips, VOC chips, flow chips, sensor devices to the professional sales and technology team to be presented in ASAIR booth of number 341.

Find ASAIR , Find surprise! You can find solutions for your present sensing technologies while exploring sensing technologies that are driving tomorrow's solutions.